“Miracles happen to those who believe in them.” - Bernhard Berenson 

“If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles.” - Widad Akrawi

Till a year back, I defied the second quote.  During those times, I would wake up with a sulky face immersed in all sorts of negative thoughts. For a number of reasons, the previous day’s negative experiences used to carry over the next day. Majority of the days, I used to wake up in the morning thinking about what I don’t have, what went wrong and what all will go wrong in future. On top of that, I used to hit the bed with the same mindset.

On one of such days, I came across a spiritual video suggested in my Youtube feed. Out of curiosity, I played it and that changed my life totally. With so much of negativity that brewed inside me, shifting it to positivity seemed a daunting task to me. Also, the negative vortex of mind feels so comfortable to people usually.

The video of a certified mindfulness coach made some important highlights which gave me a new perspective. A few of those with some real-life experiences along with self-determined thoughts made me what I am today. At present, even if I am hit by a worse scenario in life, I still find positivity in that. I find the opportunity hidden behind the apparent negative circumstance.

Now, this shift hasn’t been easy, but isn’t impossible either. A lot of self-work goes into that.

Want to know what are those habits which can make this paradigm change while you sip your cup of brewing coffee?

  1. A Gratitude Journal Is the First One

Look behind and see the path you traversed till date. You deserve a pat in the back. You might have endured your cup of challenges and landed up where you are right now. Write down all those which went right in your life so far. Be thankful to all those who love you and support you. This is a great way to reprogram your mind by constantly reminding it of what good things happened and happening with you. Mind is an untamed monkey till you get it under control. So, make it see those positive things of life. Write all those which you have accomplished personally and professionally.

Make gratitude a regular habit. Even if you can’t write it daily, make sure you open the journal once a while and list down all the beautiful things you have been gifted for.

  1. Go to Sleep with Positive Mindset

Our mind is 6% conscious and 94% subconscious. The subconscious mind takes dominance when you are asleep and that’s when the majority of life’s changes start to take place. When you sleep with all sorts of negative thoughts, your subconscious processes negative things and you wake up in a negative mindset. Instead, change it to positive things. When you lie in bed, think about how you want your life to be. Spend a few seconds reminiscing all those happy moments you have had that day and days before. Continue living each of those moments for a few seconds before moving on to the next. Do this till you fall asleep.

Yes, I agree, this is one of the difficult tasks, but no one is asking you to make a major shift in one day. These practices are deep-rooted and sustaining and therefore can’t be accomplished overnight. Indulge in the most subtle positive things while going to sleep and see how you feel the next morning. You will wake up way happier. Even on days you don’t wake up smiling, you will at least have a balanced mind and not a negative one.

  1. Know the Power of Affirmations

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” - Joyce Meyer

Like we just said, our minds are mostly subconscious. So, you have to train your mind to be in a positive mindset. Make yourself believe that whatever happens is for a reason that is all good. Nothing is a coincidence in this world and every single thing happens for your higher good. This is the ultimate truth of life. The sad part is not many people know what affirmations are and how they help. Our childhoods are not framed in such positive practices because of lack of awareness. Now, growing up, take this opportunity to positively affirm every single day, every single moment. Say to yourself –

 “I am successful”

“I am a positive person”

“Everything happens for my higher good”

“I am abundant” and more.

You can google up such positive affirmations and make them an integral part of your life. This is one of the indispensable habits of positive people. Whatever be the situation in their life, they never ever take it negatively because every single thing that happens is only and only for good.

The words you say within your mind or chant have great intrinsic power to reverberate into reality. It not only bolsters your self-esteem, but also makes such positive words into reality.

  1. Find Opportunity in Every Obstacle

We often tend to wonder why only the negative things happen to us. Why are things going wrong in our lives? There is the catch. What you miss out on is that things happen for you and not to you. You always deserve the best if you do the right thing. So, when things go amazing for you, be thankful. When things are a little haywire in your life, be even more thankful. These are happening for your own life experiences to make you into a stronger and better individual.

I had a terrible time in life where every single thing came crashing all together. Thanks to those times that I am where I am today. Such times not only make you strong and resilient, but also prepares you for a wonderful life ahead. Every single obstacle is actually an opportunity to make you so strong that nothing can stop you in life ever.

  1. Do Not Control Outcome and Do Not Compare

If you are still wondering how to be more positive, this is one last thing. Look at yourself in the mirror, look deep into your eyes and see how beautiful you are. Accept who you are and do not compare with anyone else in this world. Your life is your own and you only have control over it. Every single person has their own journey and thus, never ever see how far ahead or behind you are of others.

Also, do not control the outcome. You need to give your best in whatever you can, but let go of the outcome. Think positive, hope positive and believe that only the best is to happen for you. But, do not spend nights and days procrastinating over the outcome of the event. Think about it in a positive way and release it. Carry on with other events of your life after that.

These are some of the best practices to make you into a total positive person. Trust me, get started with these and keep on doing them every day. You will see changes down the line. There is no deadline within which you can see transformations as it depends on person to person. However, positive outcomes are for certain. And, do not ever punish yourself for not meeting your expectations. Treat yourself with compassion and continue striving for more. 

However, there is one fact here. Not everyone can bring on these changes by themselves. You need some guidance and supervision to make these exercises deep rooted into your everyday reality. A certified mindfulness coach can help you here. You can explore some of the known coaches in this domain and appoint them. However, ensure that you are in the right hands to get the best outcome. Talking about this, Dr. Paras, is a known practitioner who has been widely accepted and appreciated for his phenomenal coaching and guidance to a number of people across the world.

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